We’re Hiring In Chattanooga, TN!!!

Pay: 30% commission; 50,000-90,000+ yearly pay (1099)

Hours: Set your own appointment schedule

Requirements: Sales Experience is required. No real estate experience/knowledge required but preferred.

Job description:

Favor Home Solutions is expanding in Chattanooga! Favor Home Solutions has been active in the Chattanooga real estate market for over a year, and we’re ready for our next phase: hiring an acquisition manager!
We’re looking for someone with ample sales experience, the ability to talk and build rapport with people, the willingness to knock on a stranger’s doors, the ability to drum up your own leads when asked, the ability to handle rejection and the aptitude to understand, comprehend and explain processes and numbers to others.
This job has the ability to make over $100,000 a year with ease, but it’s determined by the workload you put in. We are going to give you all tools to be successful, but you have to be the one to make it happen… we can’t hold your hand throughout the process.
What does this job cost you upfront for your leads? Nothing at all! We pay for ALL marketing efforts that we see fit, so you’re only on the hook for your transportation, professional attire and tools to help you get the job done successfully — a computer, internet access, smart phone, yellow pads, pens, paper, printer, portfolio, and whatever else you see fit for you personally!
What will you be doing? You’ll be attending leads with people who are wanting and are motivated to sell their home. We’ll provide you with all the training that you need to make sure that you’re ready for the job.
You will be tasked with driving to the leads, building strong rapport with the sellers, you’ll be asked to negotiate prices and get the best possible deals for us. You’ll be involved in the process of acquiring the property, so the more properties we can acquire, the more money you will make! What that means is the more you help the efforts of generating your own leads, you’ll get to generate even more income for yourself!
Favor Home Solutions is looking for someone who can learn quickly and learn on the job as you run appointments, meet with sellers, talk with potential sellers and generate your own leads through our processes that we’ll teach you.
Here’s a good understanding of what the job will be like from start to finish for a deal: you get a text message & email with a new lead, you call that lead to confirm and/or set the appointment, go to the appointment, build rapport and implement our negotiation strategies, secure a contract, potentially go back to that appointment to let our contractors or team members in the house to do a walk through and when the deal closes in 1-4 weeks, you get paid. You’ll be doing this for every deal, so you could have up to 10 or 20 deals going on at once that you’ll be in charge of keeping up with, and we provide you the systems to do just that!
If you’ve been thinking about getting into real estate, now is your chance! Apply below, and tell us why you’d make an excellent candidate for this position! Please include your resume, and a cover letter of why you’d be a good fit for this job!
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