Favor Home Solutions House Hunter Program

If you’re looking to get your start in real estate or if you’re just needing to make extra cash on the side, working for Favor Home Solutions is the perfect fit for you! We’re looking for dedicated, hard-working birddogs who will do what it takes to learn how to find a great deal.

We have two video that we’d like for you to watch to get a general overview of the job, as well as knowing how to take the houses you find and find the information that will lead to a paycheck coming your way!

Job Description

Your job as a house hunter is to drive around your neighborhood and city to find houses we will purchase. You can make this job a 40-hour-a-week job or you can make this as small as you want it to be, like only working Saturdays. The more you work, the more money you have a chance to make; pretty simple.

Another important thing we need from you is a mailing address we can have return mail sent to. All we need is a good address (can be your home address) that mail can be returned to because when we send out mailings in certain areas, we like having a more location-specific mailing address. For each piece of mail that converts into a lead, you’ll get paid — just for letting us use your address! No one will even see the address except for those receiving mail. All we’ll do to verify is send you a postcard with a code that you’ll take a picture of and send it to us to verify that address. Once that happens, we will get everything started!

We go further into detail about what you need to do, but here’s some things you’ll need to have with you before you begin:

  • Smart Phone (iPhone or Android)
  • Yellow Pad
  • Pen
  • Favor Home Solutions Flyers
  • Zillow App
  • Landglide App
  • Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers (This is how you’ll submit houses you find)
  • Link to your county’s Parcel Viewer

What kind of houses do I look for?

You are looking for houses that are trashed, boarded up, have broken windows, have overgrown grass, roof falling in and any other sign that points to someone not living in the house. We look for junky, trashed houses we can find cheap, rehab them and sell them at top market value. We DO NOT want houses listed on the MLS. That means any house listed on Zillow or Realtor.com or a house that is being shown by a realtor, we DO NOT WANT IT. We only want houses that are not on the market.

Other types of houses I look for are inherited houses, houses undergoing pre-foreclosure and other situations I can get a cheap house. If you know of someone who needs to sell quick for cash, that’s my kind of seller! The house doesn’t have to be trashed for me to buy it, but it does need to be well under market value for me to consider getting that home under contract. So if you’re out and about and you stumble upon someone who needs to sell a nicer house quickly, make sure you treat that lead like you would a vacant, trashed house.

When I find a house that meets the above description, what do I do?

When you find a house that is trashed and seems to be vacant, your first step is to write down the address. Take out your yellow pad you have with you and write down the home’s address (otherwise referred to as the property address). Include the Street Number, Street Address, City, State and Zip Code for each house you find. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!! Without the above information, we cannot get in contact with the owner of that home, which means you can’t get paid. No one wants that!

Take Pictures of the House

After you write down the property address, get out of your car and snap 2 pictures of the front of the house. One shot needs to be from the road so you get the driveway and the front yard in the picture, as well as the whole home. Then the second needs to be a little closer, maybe from the side walk or walk way so we see more detail of the front of the home.

Next, try to look in through some windows. If the windows aren’t boarded up, snap a couple pictures of the inside of the home through a couple different windows (of course, as long as they aren’t boarded up). This is so we can get a feel for the inside of the home and what needs to be done to rehab it.

Write a description of the property

On your yellow pad or smart phone (I recommend doing this in your notes on your phone so you can just copy and paste this into the form where you submit the houses you find), write up a simple description of the outside of the home. Tell me things like are the windows boarded up, is the grass overgrown, is the roof falling in, is the foundation obviously messed up and whatever else you notice about the property. I’m not looking for a 5 paragraph essay about a house. A simple 2-5 sentences describing the house is perfectly fine.

Place a Favor Home Solutions Flyer In or On Their Door

This Flyer is especially designed to be simple to read, but it gets our message across that we want to buy their house for cash!

Another important factor is this: each flyer has a different phone number, which is how we track who is who for our Birddog team!

These flyers are an extremely important tool when you knock doors and speak with people because it enhances your credibility with a nice flyer with our company name, logo, website and phone number.

Next Step — Knock the neighbor’s door.

After you have the property address, have taken pictures, have written a description and left a flyer on the door of the home, you then need to do some research of your own. Your research begins while you’re out and about. Go knock on the neighboring doors of the vacant home you found. If you’re able to talk to any neighbors, ask them what they know about the home. MAKE SURE you let the neighbors know you work for Favor Home Solutions and your boss is interested in buying homes in the area for CASH. CASH is an important word to mention when saying we buy houses. Here are sample questions to ask a neighbor and a Script:

  • Does someone live there?
  • If not, how long has it been since someone has been there?
  • Do you know the owner?
  • Do you have the owner’s phone number?
  • Do they know where the owner currently lives if they don’t live in that property?
  • Lastly, ask them if they know of anyone else in the area that is looking to sell their home
  • Neighbors can be a great source to find out who wants to sell their house

IMPORTANT: If you can get the phone number of the owner, this increases our chances of being able to buy this vacant, messed up house. Meaning, you will have a better chance to get paid!

Continue this process for all the houses you find. It is extremely important that you’re able to keep track of each house you find and all the notes you take of each house so they don’t get mixed up — SAME with Pictures of each home.


“Hello! My name is [your name], and I work for Favor Home Solutions. We’re a real estate investment company who pays cash for houses, and we’re looking to buy some houses in Murfreesboro. Are you or anyone you know of interested in selling your home? We pay cash for houses!”

“[Person Answers Yes]”

“Great! Do you know the person’s name and contact number? [Write down information they give you]”


Submitting The Properties You Find

This is extremely important: you need to email all the properties you find to Caleb@favorhomesolutions.com.

When you find a bunch of houses, you need to create an excel spreadsheet with all of the lists of properties that you find, and you need to make sure you add any notes about the properties you find in the excel spreadsheet.

Once you submit that, we will talk about what you can do with those leads to earn even more money when you find a house that closes — upwards of $200 extra per house you find, do a couple extra steps and that we close on!

Most Importantly, How Do I Get Paid?!

Glad you asked! When you find a vacant house, we try to get in contact with the owner, and we then enter into negotiations with him/her about buying his/her house for CASH. If we are able to get the house YOU found under contract and close on it, then you get PAID!

You get paid on the date of closing, which is typically a month away from when you first submit us the houses you find. But let’s be honest, where else can you make NO LESS THAN $500 for doing maybe 1-2 hours worth of work?? NO WHERE, except in real estate.

We will sign an agreement with you when we get a house under contract that we are going to pay you a certain amount. That fee we will pay you will usually be $500, but it can only go up from there. The bigger the deal you bring us, the more we pay you! But you’ll never ever make less than $500 for a home we’re able to close on that you bring us.

How Do I Apply?

If you’re interested and want more information, fill out this small application form and we will be in contact with you within 24 hours:

House Hunter

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