How To Skiptrace

Owner’s Name and Mailing Address — Why is it important?

These are extremely important, especially the mailing address. The owner’s mailing address is the current address at which the owner of that vacant home you found receives mail. Why is this important? This mailing address tells us where to send a yellow letter that informs the owner we are interested in buying that vacant home from them for CASH.

Finding the Owner’s Name and Mailing Address

In order to find this information, we make use of Public Records. You will need to find your county’s Parcel Viewer in order to obtain this valuable information. I’ll provide links to a few counties below.

In the parcel viewer, you select to search by property address. You type that property address you found in the parcel viewer and it spits out the owner information!

Take note of the owner’s name and their mailing address. Once you have it written down, you are ready to submit all of the information to us, and you’re on your way to getting a nice check of AT LEAST $500!


This is easiest accessed on a computer, but for an easy-to-use mobile app, the next section is for you!

This is where you find out the owner’s name and mailing address. If you do this wrong or don’t use these sites, you will NOT get paid because you will submit the wrong information, which means I won’t get in contact the owner. If I don’t get in contact with the owner, you have ZERO chance to get paid. So PLEASE please please use this and learn to use it correctly. If you have questions, please contact me.

Davidson County

Rutherford County

Hamilton County – Click on Hamilton County GIS Map

Shelby County – For Shelby Co., click “deed information” to find owner’s mailing address. They have it listed as “Owner’s Address” on register of deeds site.



LandGlide: Easiest way to look up Owner’s name and Mailing Address on your Phone

This app is extremely important for those of you who don’t have a computer.

LandGlide is the most amazing app for searching for a home owner’s names and mailing addresses. It uses your location, and it has a simple interface. You can download the app HERE. 

This is the interface of LandGlide. You just scroll across the screen and you have to put the crosshairs on a house to get the information. Once you select a house, you just tap on the bottom of the screen on the owner’s name.

After you select the owner’s name, this screen pops up. To access the owner’s mailing address — THE MOST IMPORTANT PART — you have to select “County Link” to see all the information you need.

Once you tap “County Link,” this screen will pop up. Once this pops up, you MUST select the owners name. Once you select the owner’s name, it will take you to the page that is the one you want — finding the owner’s mailing address

On this page, you see the owner’s mailing address. Sometimes, like in this instance, the owner’s mailing address is the same as the property address. It’s OK, still submit the mailing address as what it shows on this page to the link where you’re supposed to submit houses you find.

Be Proactive — Go Knock the home owners door!!!!!!

After you look up the home owners name and address, map it out and see how close they live to where you are. If they are within 20 minutes of a drive, you should take the time to drive over there to knock on their door. When you knock and they answer the door, you simply say something like this:

“Hello, my name is [Your Name], and I work for Favor Home Solutions. My boss is interested in buying your property over at [Vacant property Address] for CASH. He can close quick and there are no costs to you. May I have your phone number for him to contact you?”

It’s truly that simple. If he/she says no, say again that we buy houses for CASH. If he/she won’t give you his contact info or if he/she’s not interested, write down “Favor Home Solution 615-956-2909” on a sticky note and hand to him/her. Tell them is they change their mind, give us a call.

How To Submit Properties I Find

You submit ALL houses you find via email using Excel or Numbers!!!

Submitting houses is extremely important so you can expect to be paid! We want to make sure all your hard work doesn’t go to waste, so here’s what you do. For a visual reference please watch the video about skiptracing, as sit goes through how to set up your excel worksheet.

Your Excel sheet should look like this:

You fill this out for each and every house you find and skip trace.

IMPORTANT: You need to save the file with the following information: Birddog Name_City_Date

Example: Caleb_Luketic_Nashville_1-1-18

Please ensure you save each and every file as such because this will help us differentiate between which file is yours! We don’t want to jumble up anything because we want to give you credit and a paycheck for the work you have done!